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Are you seeking a deeper connection with the mystical and magickal aspects of life? Are you yearning for transformative, transcendental, and ecstatic experiences that bring meaning and healing to your soul?

We are thrilled to extend an invitation to join us for Women of Wisdom: A Celebration of the Immaterial. Our community of exceptional women is dedicated to lifting the veil and embarking on a supersensible adventure that will reconnect us with the immaterial, ephemeral, and imaginal aspects of our lives.

With over 20 hours of insightful lectures, engaging workshops, and thought-provoking round tables ready for you to watch at your leisure, we want to make sure you get the most out of this experience. That’s why we’ve created a private Facebook group exclusively for participants like you, where you can engage in lively debates and discussions with like-minded individuals. This is the perfect chance to connect with others who share your interests and exchange ideas in a supportive, friendly environment.

Together, we will remember ourselves and rediscover the power of the mystical and the magickal. We’ll explore ancient wisdom, share personal stories, and engage in transformative practices that will help us connect with our innermost selves and tap into the divine energy that surrounds us.

We invite you to join us on this journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Let’s embrace the immaterial and celebrate the magic of life.



Ecstasy is a technique highly developed by shamans, mystics, magicians and others with healing and psychic-transformation powers. It is an altered state of consciousness characterized by significantly reduced external awareness and expanded interior mental and spiritual awareness, frequently accompanied by visions and emotional euphoria. There are many ways to access it, but through this discussion, we explore how the cultivation and application of sexual energy can transform a physical act into a spiritual experience, deepening a connection with your partner and creating truly ecstatic experiences. Beyond that, we look at the application of sexualizing energies to fuel a longer life span, as well as the activation of human superpowers or supersensible faculties lying dormant in most humans.

Featuring Dr Joana Kujawa and Vanese Mc Neill

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We are excited to invite you to our exclusive Facebook group created just for you. This is a space where you can connect with like-minded women, share your experiences, and learn from one another.

Our Women of Wisdom Facebook group is a supportive community where we uplift and inspire each other. Whether you’re looking to network with other professional women, discuss personal growth and development, or simply connect with others who understand your journey, this is the place for you.

As a member of our community, you’ll have access to exclusive content, resources, and events designed to help you thrive. From inspirational stories to expert advice on career, wellness, and relationships, our group has everything you need to live your best life.

So come join us! We can’t wait to get to know you and support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself.

The Mushrooms Apprentice

By Shonagh Home

Sacred Mushroom: The Making of a Medicine Woman.

Of Celtic heritage, Shonagh follows the wisdom of the ancients and serves as a Bàn Draoi (dree), Gaelic for a Celtic medicine woman/seer. As a modern medicine woman, she brings her connection to nature and the spirit worlds into her retreats and private sessions. For the past 12 years she has apprenticed herself to the mushroom teachers, who have led her to profound connection with the spirits of nature and her ancestral roots. She is a seer who specializes in shadow work, delving into the rich territory of the deep psyche. In this talk Shonagh will speak to working with spirit intelligences through the mushroom.




Author and Artist Veda Austin makes a quantum leap from the spring board of Masaru Emoto’s microscopic work with ice crystals, that allows us to view water as an intelligent force, with the power to respond to human consciousness in ways never before thought possible. In this talk Veda talks about humans as bodies of water, what that means for us, and specifically the Wild Waters of Women!


The Magdalen Manuscript

One of the few texts that looks at sexual energetics from the females perspective, the Magdalen Manuscript is perhaps the most fascinating example of Tom Kenyon’s unique ability for tuning in to spiritual frequencies. The heart of the book is a word-for-word account given to him by a being identifying herself as Mary Magdalen, recorded with the help of co-author Judi Sion. In this text this being tells the story of her sacred relationship with Yeshua ben Joseph, today known as Jesus Christ. She delivers a poignant and beautiful account of the love they shared – not as master and disciple, but as equals – as well as the nature of the sexual alchemy they practiced together to prepare him for his role as the most pivotal spiritual leader in the Western world. In this roundtable discussion we discuss our first hand experiences with the practices discussed in this text.

Roundtable Discussion featuring Dr Joanna Kujawa, Dr Heather Roberts, Dr Laura Ancilli and Vanese Mc Neill

Roundtable Discussion

Is Magick Really Real? For real?

Featuring Shonagh Homes, Tina Kemp and Dr Laura Ancilli
As Arthur C Clarke said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from Magic”, and so with consciousness an enigma for today’s scientists, the idea of an advanced technology of Applied Consciousness fits right into the category of Magick! While the practice of magick is fundamentally about raising and directing energy to fulfil your intentions, there are two other Clarke laws applicable to the discussion of magick, and these are….
  1. When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.
  2. The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

Let’s explore the impossible together with the Magickal Women who live it!



By Laura Watkins

We all have experienced the effects of music on our souls. It can take us back in time to some of the most important occasions of our lives. But what if music could be used alchemically to heal, remove things that no longer serve you, or express creativity? In this workshop, Laura will take us on a journey into the alchemy of music and teach us how to use this powerful tool in our lives!




Co-creating with subtle realms through the wisdom of the body

Come remember that you have powerful magic in your blood and bones. We are a part of a beautiful, vibrant Universe, pulsating with life and intelligence. Our heart beats for us over 100,000 times per day; our lungs breathe for us 22,000 times a day. Epigeneticists tell us we contain 13 generations of memories.  At this very moment, your body allows you to read this text. Connecting to our body wisdom, consciously through the state of play, connects us to the unconscious field of knowing/belonging and to our Kin, sometimes known as Fae, Nature Spirits, Cosmic energies, and/or Ancestors. Play opens neural pathways, relaxes the mind, creates community and helps us to enter into relationships of co-creation that are mutually beneficial for all.

Connect with the wisdom of your body
Learn how to co-create with Subtle Realms
Connect to your allies for mutually-beneficial creations
Experience the power of play to transform, heal and create
Engage the spirit of collaboration in connection and community



Celebrating Athon Veggi

Laura Watkins and Vanese Mc Neill spend time with Anthon Veggi’s as she shares adventure from her astounding life as a Mystic who has full memory of her life in Ancient Egypt. In this life she is an Italian author artist and architect.  Athon Veggi has conducted extensive research into the archetypal relationships between place, art, and architecture in Egypt, the Middle East, and India.

Our Wonderful Women

Date and Time of Specific Events to be announced.


Veda Austin
Vanese Mc Neill
Shonagh Home
Olivia Bareham
Joanna Kujawa
Jade Melany
Marla Durden
Tina Kemp
Heather Elizabeth Osborn
Laura Watkins
Constance DuQuette
NECTAR: I may write a longer homage at some point but in the meantime let me deploy a single word. Nectar. There is an intelligence here that will stop you in your tracks. Unequivocally superb.
West Bay Ray
Speaks on Vanese
Shonagh is a National Treasure
Krys & Steve Crimi
Speaks of Shonagh

I highly recommend Tina’s Rune Readings.    The readingwas really helpful and insightful.  Tina went into detail about the meaning of each of the three runes as she pulled them, and then discussed the meaning of the three together. Overall, it was a great experience and really helped me. 

Casey J.
On Tina Kemp

A remarkable investigation.  Veda Austin has produced some interesting and impressive images which go way beyond what would be expected on the basis of conventional science.  I hope that her pioneering work will stimulate others to follow up with systematic investigations of their own”.

Rupert Sheldrake
On Veda Austin


Lesser Work as an Expression of the Great Work

Featuring Constance DuQuette

This is a rare and no holds bar open discussion with Constance DuQuette. Who knows where this will take us! Questions are invited!

Ephemeral Encounters

By Tina Kemp

Tina is Belgian Rune Reader and Esotericist, She creates handmade runes, ogham and pouches as part of her magical life in rural Italy.

Tina will speak of “otherwordly” encounters and how they have affected her life. Tina will discuss how she has dealt with the more troublesome ones and provide sage advice on how others can deal with them. She will also share the positive impacts of these encounters on her life and dive into the role that Runes can play with otherworldly adventures!

Roundtable Discussion

Spiritual Warriorship

Yes we are at war!  We’re fighting a spiritual war with an enemy whose primary tactic is deception. The turf being fought over is our hearts minds and immortal souls.  In this round table we talk about what it means to be a spiritual warriors, what weapons and tactics we can use to not just survive but also to thrive during this time difficult.

Mary Magdalene and the Esoteric Egypt

by Joanna Kujawa

Dr Joanna Kujawa is the author of ‘The Other Goddess’ and the accompanying course on The Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge, scholar, and spiritual detective. She received her BA and MA from the Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada, and her PhD from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. As an active academic for over 20 years, she uses her scholarly training to investigate topics other academics often pass over, such as: Can spirituality and sexuality be experienced as one? Who was the real Mary Magdalene? Is there a lineage of Goddesses now resurfacing in our collective experience of spirituality?

Apart from her writings for academic publications on spiritual travel, Joanna has also had her short stories and essays published through various media and in many prestigious anthologies, including Best Australian Stories, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, She Rises and Rebelle Society. She is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Goddess Studies.

In this talk Joanna will cover the connection of Mary Magdalene with the Goddesses of Eros, We will look at Mary Magdalene as an Alchemist in Alexandria and the discovery of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene in Egypt, What does the Gospel of Mary Magdalene actually teach? Joanna will guide us through a short closing meditation.

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Our focus is on empowering women and providing diverse opportunities for participation. You can become an affiliate and join us in this mission. Alternatively, if you would like to share your expertise, you can apply to lead a talk or workshop.


Pan was not Dead, but buried.

By Jade Melany

Jade in an artist and author of the Initiate’s Way book and Cards

Jade will give an introduction on how the Initiate’s Way came to be. What it is. And how it can be used for healing and spiritual development.

In this workshop Jade will talk about the Archetype of Pan as Lord of the Earth and Pathfinder, and the process of the creation of the Initiate’s Way. There will be an opportunity to take part in a pathworking from the Initiates Way during the session. The painting of Pan; Hermes; Devil is one of 22 which make up the Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each of the Major Arcana is a magickal image which acts as signpost and guide upon your spiritual journey into the alchemy of the Soul.


Ancient Goddess Traditions

by Heather Elizabeth Osborn

Dr. Heather Elizabeth Osborn has a Doctorate in Education, with experience as an educator teaching in the US and the UK. While living in London, she pursued research on Goddess Mythology in women’s literature and completed her Priestess of Avalon training in Glastonbury to initiate into the ancient British Goddess mysteries. Upon returning to the US, she continued her writing, research, and exploration of ancient Goddess mysteries, creating an online course and organizing spiritual retreats to sacred sites as the founder of the Swan Centre. Her media work as a radio co-host and as a TV presenter as a contributing expert includes various Discovery Channel shows, such as ‘Forbidden History,’ ‘Inside Secret Society,’ and ‘What On Earth?’ Heather’s doctoral research for her dissertation focused on the importance of “writing for healing,” within an individual and social context to create transformational change. As a university educator, she encourages her students to find their individual voices through writing and expression, and as a writer, educator, and priestess, she is committed to honoring diversity and creating inclusive opportunities for connection and unity. One of her current writing projects includes her continued work on her book, ‘In the Eyes of Isis,’ about her personal and spiritual journey with Goddess traditions and various landscapes, the basis for her talk for ‘Women of Wisdom.’ Following this inner connection led to her most precious gifts in her life, her son Sean and her husband, author Gary Osborn, and the understanding that, at the center of all, our inner connectedness to love is what fuels the fire of inspiration, healing, empowerment, and transformational wisdom about our life paths.

Transforming the Culture of Death and Dying - one body at a time.

by Olivia Bareham

Rev. Olivia Bareham, a Death Midwife  is the founder of Sacred Crossings. She has been supporting, educating and guiding individuals and their families through the death journey for over 15 years.

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